20×45 House Plan with Car Parking 3BHK (900sqft) | 20 by 45 Ka Naksha

If you have recently purchased a 20 by 45 plot and are thinking of building a luxury house on that plot, then you have reached the right place.

Keep reading this article till the end because in this article we have designed a 20×45 house plan for you that you will like very much.

Before designing this 20*45 house plan, we have kept in mind the needs and modern lifestyle of a common person, hence everything you need will be available in this plan.

Plot Dimensions Of 20×45 House Plan

Talking about the size of the plot, you should know that the size of this 20 by 45 plot is 900 meters and an excellent modern house can be built in this area.

This modern house plan offers facilities ranging from bedroom, toilet, and kitchen to parking. This space is enough for a normal family to live.

20×45 House Plan Key Specifications;

Plot Size20×45
Built up Area900 ft²
Bed Room1
Dr Room1
Lobby/Dining Area1

In case of an increase in the number of family members, you can make another section in it in which the family members will be able to live very comfortably.

20×45 House Plan: Needs & Requirements

Before constructing a house, you have to keep in mind that the material used in the house should be of good quality, due to the use of poor quality material you may have to face many problems in the future.

Therefore, try to use the best material and also keep in mind that the construction work is being done under the supervision of an experienced architect.

20×45 House Plan

Because the work of house construction cannot be done again and again by a common man, it is quite expensive.

20*45 House Design Considerations

While designing this 20×45 house plan, we have taken special care of ventilation, light, and privacy to maintain the natural environment.

We understand that it is a bit difficult to make changes once the construction is done, so we have designed this 20 by 45 house plan keeping everything in mind.

The layout includes a room, Guest Room, Kitchen, Store, and Parking area. The Ground has 136.74 square feet of parking space to accommodate your small car. The toilet is two and one is attached to the bedroom. 

20×45 House Plan In Details

Let’s now see room by room what else you will get to see in this 20×45 House Plan.

  • Bedrooms –  (1)
  • Living Room –  (1)
  • Kitchen –  (1)
  • Lobby/Dining Area –  (1)
  • Toilet – (2)

Let us now try to understand this 20*45 house plan with car parking. First of all, you will see the main gate in the plan where you have been given a parking facility.

Next to the parking space, there is a staircase to the second floor i.e. to the terrace. A guest room has been provided next to the stairs where arrangements can be made for the guests to stay.

Right next to the guest room, you get to see the living room, which is also of considerable size and in this room, you can spend precious time with your family, watch movies, and play indoor games.

You can see the toilet just in front of the living room. Next to the toilet is the bedroom, which is also large enough for you and your family to sleep together. Besides, you can also keep necessary items in the bedroom.


This is all that can be seen in this 20×45 house plan. If you want any kind of change in this plan, then you can tell us by commenting.

I hope you liked our 20 by 45 house plan, please share the plan with your friends and family.

Apart from this, if the size of your plot is small or big then you can see other plans designed by us, for this, you will have to visit our homepage.

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