20×40 House Plan With Car Parking & 2 Bedrooms | 2BHK House Plan

If you are searching for a 20×40 house plan that is 2 BHK and has 2 bedrooms along with car parking, then you have come to the right website.

Every person wants his house to be beautiful and have all the facilities. Keeping these things in mind, we have prepared a 20×40 House Plan for you which you are going to like very much.

20×40 House Plan 2 BHK

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It is designed as a floor plan (2 BHK) built on a plot size of 20 ft X 40 ft. Parking is also included. In this plan, a bedroom is built in the back, and a kitchen has been made on its right side.

There is a dining room next to the kitchen, on which the table and chair are lying, on which the food will be seated comfortably.

20×40 House Plan With Bedrooms & Car Parking

20 by 40 house plan
20×40 House Plan

Open is overlooked on the left side of the dining room, which will bring light to the dining room and bedroom throughout the day.

The toilet is made on the open side, which has a door to go to the toilet, for the smell coming out of the toilet.

20×40 House Plan

A Ventilator is given on the open side so that the smell coming from the toilet can come out of the open.

After that, a door has been given to go from the dining room to the drawing room, and just in front of it, there is a door that will be taken out, which can comfortably accommodate any guest in the drawing room.

On the right side of the drawing-room, there is a staircase and a gallery, which will lead to the outside where the gate is installed and the stair will go from the ground floor to the first floor.

20x40 House Plan
20×40 House Plan

Similarly, the first floor will also remain the same, only the kitchen has been made a storeroom, the dining room has been made a lobby and the drawing room has been made a guest room.

The guest room has a balcony on the front, which can be accessed through the door attached to the guest room.

I hope you liked our 20×40 House Plan with car parking. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the plan, please share them with us.

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