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Everyone builds a house but the difference is that some build a house by planning while some build a house without a plan.

Those who build a house without a plan face many problems living in that house, whereas those who build a house on the basis of a plan, their houses not only look good but are also very comfortable to live in.

Therefore, always keep in mind that whenever a building is constructed, first of all, get the plan of the house designed, for this, you will need an architect. You can take the help of your nearest architect or you can also contact us.

25*40 House Plan with Car Parking

If you have recently purchased a 25 by 40 plot and are thinking of constructing an excellent and beautiful building on it, then you have reached the right place.

In this article, we have designed for you an excellent 25*40 house plan for a 25 by 40 plot, which you will like very much. Because this is a modern 25 by 40 house plan and everything a common person needs is available in this plan, it will prove to be a perfect plan for you.

Apart from this, if you are considering buying a car in the future and want to have adequate arrangements for parking the car at home, then there is no need to worry about it because we have also provided parking facilities in this plan.

25×40 House Plan Key Specifications;

Plot Size25×40
Built up Area1000 ft²
Bed Room2
Dr Room1
Lobby/Dining Area2

Talking about the area of the plot, the size of this plot is 25 by 40 and in this, you will get facilities ranging from bedroom, kitchen, toilet to parking.

If we talk about the ground floor of the 25×40 house plan, then first of all you will see the main gate, as soon as you enter from the main gate, you will enter the lobby area, and next to the lobby area, you can see the DR room.

House Design For 25 by 40 feet With Car Parking

A car and bike parking facility is provided next to the DR room where you can park a car or bike. There is a bathroom provided next to the parking where you can take bath and also wash your clothes.

Just outside the bathroom, you get to see the dining area where you can sit and eat food with your family and spend some time together.

25×40 House Plan: Ground & First Floor Overview

Keeping in mind the modern lifestyle, we have provided kitchen space next to the dining room from where you can cook food and serve it directly in the dining room.

Next to the dining room, you will find a store room where you can store household items and use them later when needed.

Next to the storeroom, you get to see the bedroom. Whose size is sufficient to live in. Only one bedroom is provided on the ground floor.

House Design For 25 by 40 feet With Car Parking

After the ground floor, now if we talk about the first floor, on this floor also you get to see the same map as the ground floor, the only difference is that on this floor you get to see two or three rooms which are as follows: Bedroom, Room and study room, and everything else you get to see is the same as on the ground floor.


Friends, I hope you liked our 25×40 house plan, share this plan with your friends and family. If you have any kind of advice or suggestion in your mind regarding this plan, you can tell us by commenting below this post.

If you want any kind of change in this 25 40 house plan then it is possible, you just have to contact us for this.

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