40×30 House Plan With Parking & Shop (1200 Sq.ft)

If you have recently purchased a plot of 1200 square feet which is 40 by 30 in area and are looking for a 40*30 house plan that is suitable for living and doing business on that plot, then you have reached the right website.

In this article, we have designed the best plan for your 40 by 30 plot, which you will like very much.

In this 40 by 30 house plan, you will get to see rooms, a kitchen, parking, and a shop. Along with staying at home, you can also do your own business.

Plot Dimensions Of 40×30 House Plan

Talking about the area of the 40×30 house plan, the size of this plan is 40 by 30. While designing this plan, we have considered every need of a normal family.

In this modern house plan, a normal small family can live very comfortably, along with living, you can also start your own business in the house.

If you have a car then there is no need to worry about parking it, a parking facility is also provided in the 40×30 house plan.

40×30 House Plan Key Specifications;

Plot Size40×30
Built up Area1200 ft²
Bed Room2
Dr Room0
Lobby/Dining Area1

In the future, if your family grows bigger, then a second floor can also be built, for which you will need an architect who can design the plan for the second floor.

You can contact us to get the plan designed. We can design a perfect home for you as per your needs.

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40by30 House Plan

40×30 House Plan: Needs & Requirements

Keep in mind that when you start building a house, ensure that the material used in building the house is of good quality.

Because house construction work cannot be done again and again, it is very expensive, apart from this, if you use cheap material then problems may arise after some time of construction of the house.

While designing this plan, we have taken special care of ventilation, sunlight, and privacy, so that the environment of the house remains pure.


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