18×20 House Plan With Room & Lobby & Kitchen

If you have recently bought a plot of 18 by 20 or more and are thinking of building a house on it, but are confused about the construction and design of the house, then there is no need to worry at all. We have prepared a great 18×20 house plan for a 20 by 18 plot for you, which you will like very much.

Because the design is compact, you will also get to see limited things in the house. A well-designed house is of great importance, it is wise to use the available space in the plot correctly.

At the same time, some people choose the wrong plan and do the work of building the house, due to which they have to face many problems later. But you do not have to worry about any kind of because you have spent a lot of time designing this 18×20 House Plan, so this plan will prove to be better for you.

18×20 House Plan: An Overview

On the other hand, if we talk about the total area of the plot, then let us tell you that the total area of this plot of 18 by 20 is 360 ft², in which one or two people or a small family can live comfortably. Since there is less space in the plot, you will have to live with limited resources.

By the way, we have tried to provide you with all the things you need, but in such a plan, you need to keep in mind that you can keep only one room on one floor, for more rooms you can also build a second floor or more floors in this house.

18 x 20 House Plan Key Specifications;

Plot Size 18×20
Built up Area 360 ft²
Bed Room 1
Toilets 1
Kitchen 1
Lobby/Dining Area 1

In architectural building a house, you may have to go through many types of challenges, among them bad weather and good architects. If the weather does not support you, then your house construction will take a lot of time to complete and if you do not hire a good architect, then you may have to face many problems with house design.

18 By 20 Feet House Design Considerations

Apart from this, if you talk about ventilation, sunlight, and privacy, then let us tell you that if you need all these in the house, then you have to tell the architect, and that architect will tell you the right place for your sunlight and ventilation.

Because we understand your need, we have given you a room of 10′-10″ by 9′-10″ on the ground floor of this 18*20 House Plan where you can sleep peacefully. Right next to the room, you will see a 6-feet kitchen where you can cook your favorite food.

18 By 20 Feet House Plan In Details

Let’s now see room by room what else you will get to see in this 18×20 House Plan.

  • Bedrooms 
  • Kitchen 
  • Lobby
  • Toilet 
  • Stair

As soon as you leave the room, you will see a lobby where you can serve the guests who come home. For this, you can also arrange a sofa set and TV in the lobby. Since the size of the lobby area is small, here is no need to panic if the number of guests is high. Many people can adjust comfortably in this lobby, where they will be able to relax as well as entertain.

18x20 House Plan



As soon as you get out of the lobby, you get to see the toilet next to it, to enter the toilet, you will have to pass through the lobby where you will also see the stairs to go to the second floor. Since in this 18 by 20 House Plan, we are only covering the ground floor, the ground floor is being discussed.

If you want the design of the second-floor plan, then let us know by commenting.
We have tried to design this plot of 20 by 18 as the most unique, if you want any changes in this plan, then you can contact us.

We hope that you liked our 18×20 House Plan, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the plan, then let us know by commenting.

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