25 By 50 House Plan With 3 Bedrooms & Car Parking | 3 BHK

If you have recently taken a 25 by 50 plot and are looking for a great 25 By 50 House Plan for that plot, then you have come to the right place, in this article we have prepared a brilliant 25*50 House Plan for you that you will like very much.

Since the house is constructed only once, could you try to make it better and keep in mind that everything needed is available because once the house is built, it is very difficult to make any changes to it?

To solve your problem, we have designed a great 25 * 50 House Plan for you that covers almost every single thing you need. Since the 25 By 50 House Plan has been designed very carefully, it can prove to be a perfect plan for you.

25 By 50 House Plan: An Overview

In this 25 50 House Plan, you will get facilities from the bedroom to the car park, this plot of 25 by 50 is enough for a normal family to stay.

We understand what a family needs and keeping those needs in mind, we have designed this great plan. If you have to make some changes to this plan according to your need, then you can contact us.

3BHK-25 by 50 house Plan
25 by 50 house plan

A house designed without prior planning is neither beautiful to look at nor comfortable to live in, so try to take the time to make a better design for the house, for this you can also contact us.

This 25 X 50 House Plan we have designed will give you bedrooms, toilets, etc. Facilities like a kitchen, worship, store, lawn, and parking will be available.

Whatever the size of the plot, unless you choose the right plan, you cannot make your house beautiful and attractive. Looking at today’s modern era, we have prepared this modern design which is not only modern in appearance but also very comfortable to live in.

25*50 House Plan With 3 Bedrooms

If we explain the 25 By 50 House Plan in detail, let us tell you that in this modern plan, 3 huge rooms have been given, whose size you can see in the plan, as well as 2 toilets have been provided in it.

  • Bedrooms – 16′-7″X12′-0″ (2 No)
  • Living Room – 14′-5″X9′-3″ (1 No)
  • Kitchen – 12′-0″X8′-0 (1 No)
  • Lobby/Dining Area – 14′-5″X12′-9″ (1 No)
  • Toilet – 6′-0″X7′-0″ (1 No)
  • Washroom– 6′-0″X5′-9″ (1 No)
  • WC – 6′-0″X3′-6″ (1 No)
  • Parking
  • Lawn
  • Open
  • Main Interest


In this modern era, people are gradually moving away from spirituality and there are some people whose way of life is spirituality.

If you are also a person of religious tendency, then a separate place of worship has been made available for you in this 25 X 50 House Plan, which has been designed keeping Vastu in mind.

25 By 50 House Plan With Car Parking

Apart from this, you also get a car parking space in this plan because we know that due to being far from the office, people need a bike or car in their homes.

So keeping this in mind, we have created parking space in a very minimal place so that not much space of the plot will be covered. Your car or bike can also be easily parked. Can be done..


Friends, we hope that you have liked our 25 By 50 House Plan, if you have questions or suggestions related to the plan, then you can tell by commenting below.

Apart from this, share this plan with your friends as much as possible so that the doubts arising in their minds about house design can be reduced and they can also plan their dream home.

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Note – For any other information related to this plan, contact us or mail us at skkushvaha9@gmail.com at this mail address. 

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