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If you are looking for a 35×42 House Plan, then your search ends here because we have prepared a great 35*42 House Plan for you that you will like very much.

Because we have designed this 35 x 42 House plan, keeping in mind every inch of your need, it can prove to be a perfect one for you, so look at the plan carefully.

35*42 House Plan: An Overview

The building constructed without a plan is neither well habitable nor looks beautiful. Because now people like modern house design more and more, so we have made this 35×42 House Plan with a modern design. Which will not only look beautiful but will also be very comfortable to live in.

We know what a family needs, so we have covered everything you need in this plan. When you see the plan now, you will know that it is really a great plan.

35×42 House Plan

Now let’s know something about the 35 By 42 House Plan, this plan covers 35 by 42 sqft, which is perfect for a small family. Also, two bedrooms have also been provided in the plan. Apart from the bedroom, kitchen, dining area, washroom, toilet, DR room, parking, and the lawn will also be seen.

Layout of the 35*42 House Plan

If you talk about the dimensions of all the compartments given in the plan, then tell you that they have been designed very carefully. You can see the dimensions on the plan as well as we have shared it in detail.

  • Bedrooms – 16′-7″X12′-0″ (2 No)
  • Living Room – 14′-5″X9′-3″ (1 No)
  • Kitchen – 12′-0″X8′-0 (1 No)
  • Lobby/Dining Area – 14′-5″X12′-9″ (1 No)
  • Toilet – 6′-0″X7′-0″ (1 No)
  • Washroom– 6′-0″X5′-9″ (1 No)
  • WC – 6′-0″X3′-6″ (1 No)
  • Parking
  • Lawn
  • Open
  • Main Interest
35x42 House Plan
35×42 House Plan

In this 35×42 House Plan, we have covered almost everything you need, if you still feel that there should be some change in it, then you can tell us by commenting below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the 35*42 house plan suitable for a growing family?

Yes, the 35*42 house plan can accommodate a small to medium-sized family comfortably. However, if you anticipate future expansions or additions, it’s advisable to consult with an architect or designer to ensure your long-term needs are met.

Can I make modifications to the 35*42 house plan to include an additional room?

Certainly! The 35*42 house plan is flexible and can be customized to include an extra room. Working closely with an architect or designer will allow you to explore options for incorporating an additional room into the existing layout without compromising the overall functionality and flow of the house.

Is it possible to add a basement to the 35*42 house plan?

While the 3542 house plan does not typically include a basement, it is certainly possible to incorporate one into the design. Adding a basement can provide extra storage space, a recreational area, or even additional living quarters. Consult with a professional architect or structural engineer to determine the feasibility of adding a basement to the 3542 house plan and to ensure that it meets local building codes and regulations.


If you have to make any changes in this 35*42 House Plan, then you can get it done very easily because we understand that every person has his own different needs.

We hope that you have liked our 35 x 42 House Plan, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the 35 By 42 House Plan, then share them with us and share this plan with your friends and family as much as possible.

Apart from this plan, you will find many plans on our website which you must also see. If you want to make any changes to this plan, then contact us, visit our contact us page for contact.

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