50×39 House Plan With Separate Rooms & Kitchen | 50 by 39 Home Design

Friends, if you are looking for a 50×39 house plan that has room, kitchen, lawn, toilet, and separate arrangements for commuting, then your search ends here.

In this 50*39 House plan, we have designed everything very closely according to your needs. This 50 by 39 House plan is specially designed for two brothers where both brothers can live separately.

50×39 House Plan

After carefully reading the House Plan for the 50×39 Feet Plot, you will know that the size of the rooms in the plan is 11.9 by 15 and 11 by 15, which is for one person. Similarly, other rooms can also be seen.

Also, looking at the 50×39 House plan, you will find that the kitchen and toilet have also been made separate from it. In which the size of the kitchen is 9.3 by 9 and the sight of the toilet is 4 by 6.

Regarding the main gate, it’s important to note that there are two main gates included in the plan. To obtain further details, please read the plan thoroughly. If you have any inquiries or recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment.

House Plan For 50*39 Feet Plot

50x39 House Plan
50×39 House Plan


I hope you liked our 50×39 House plan, If you have any questions regarding the 50*39 House plan, then you can ask us by commenting below, your comment will be replied to as soon as possible.

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