30*80 House Plan with Shop, Parking & Rooms | 4-BHK

If you are also looking for a 30*80 house plan, then you are welcome in this article, in this article, we have prepared an excellent 30×80 house plan which covers all the necessary places in a house.

Houses built without planning neither look good nor look attractive, so to make a wonderful attractive house, you must have a perfect house plan so that the construction work can be done quickly and at a reasonable cost. 

30*80 House Plan Layout

It is designed as a floor plan built 30 by 80 feetThere is a provision for one shop with four rooms in this plan.
Space has been left in the plan for parking vehicles and bikes in the front. After parking in the building, there is a veranda through which you will go to the hall. The drawing room is shown on the left of the veranda.

If you read this 30 by 80 house plan correctly, then you will come to know that we have also given a shop in it, for which a suitable place has been selected.

Apart from this, rooms, stairs, a hall, kitchen, bath, courtyard, verandah, and bike and car parking have also been made available in this 30×80 house design. Which makes this plan a perfect plan. Also, you are getting extra space for a shop where you can start your desired business.

30 by 80 House Plan Description:-

     1.    Rooms  –  4
     2.     Stairs
     3.     Hall – 1
     4.     Kitchen – 1
     5.     Bath – 1
     6.     LT –  1
     7.     Courtyard
     8.    Verandah – 1
     9.     Parking for cars & bikes.
30 by 80
30*80 House Plan


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