29×54 House Plan With Car Parking| 3 BHK With Lawn

If you have recently bought a plot of 29 by 54 and are thinking of building a great house on it, in which you get all kinds of facilities, then this 29×54 House Plan can prove to be better for you.

Houses built without planning neither looks good nor attractive, so to make a wonderful, stunning house, you must have a perfect house plan so that the construction work can be done quickly and reasonably.

Plot Dimensions Of 29×54 House Plan

We have designed this 29×54 House Plan, keeping in mind all the needs of a family, with the plan you have been provided with facilities ranging from room, kitchen, and hall to parking. Along with all this, you will also get a lot of empty space which you can use according to your own.

If we talk about the area of the plot, then let us tell you that the total area of this 29 by 54 plot is 1,566 ft² in which a very good building can be constructed. But before building a building, you should have the right guidance and a proper house plan.

Key Specifications;

Plot Size29×54
Built up Area1,566 ft²
Bed Room3
Living Room3
Lobby/Dining Area0

Because we know what problems can be faced in building construction, so try to keep an expert architect with you during the construction of the entire building. For this, you can contact an architect in your area or you can also contact us for this work, comment below to contact us.

29*54 House Plan: Needs & Requirements

Because we know your needs, we have provided you with everything that you may need in the present and in the future. This 29*54 House Plan has been designed very closely keeping in mind all your needs.

It is very important to keep some things in mind during the construction of the building because once the building is constructed, it is a very complicated task to make any changes to it, so try to note down all of them in advance.

29×54 House Design Considerations

By the way, there is no need for any change in the 29 By 54 House Plan we have designed for you because this house has been designed keeping in mind sunlight, ventilation, privacy, and orientation.

29x54 House Plan
29×54 House Plan (Ground Floor)

In this 29 by 54 plot, there will be a lot of space, which we have used very closely, not a little space has been allowed to be wasted. In the plan, you will get to see enough accommodation from rooms to kitchens.

Although this 29×54 House Plan is designed for one family, according to the space, let us tell you that two families can live very comfortably in this house.

29*54 House Plan In Details

Let’s now talk about what you will get to see in this 29×54 House Plan and what will be the dimension of all of them. We are going to give a list below in which you will get to see every one thing you get in the house that you need.

  • Bedrooms – 16′-7″X12′-0″ (2 No)
  • Living Room – 14′-5″X9′-3″ (1 No)
  • Kitchen – 12′-0″X8′-0 (1 No)
  • Lobby/Dining Area – 14′-5″X12′-9″ (1 No)
  • Toilet – 6′-0″X7′-0″ (1 No)
  • Washroom– 6′-0″X5′-9″ (1 No)
  • WC – 6′-0″X3′-6″ (1 No)
  • Parking
  • Lawn
  • Open
  • Main Interest

If you think about the total expenditure and budget involved in the construction of the house, then let us tell you that do not compromise on quality at all, use the best material because the process of building construction takes place only once.

For this, you can contact an architect in your area, who will give you a total estimate of the cost of house construction or you can also contact us.

Because we know how important Vastu is in us and your life, the house has been designed keeping Vastu in mind, you can also hire a Pandit or Priest around you for more information about Vastu.


Friends, I hope you liked our article 29×54 House Plan. It takes us a lot of hard work to prepare this plan, so show your love and share this article 29×54 House Plan with your friends and friends as much as possible, so that we can get some motivation and we keep bringing new house plans for you.

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