30×40 House Plan With 2 Bedrooms, Parking & Shop

We understand your needs, so while designing this 30×40 House Plan, every need of yours has been taken care of so that you do not have to face any kind of problem.

Since we have deep experience in designing house plans, you do not have to worry about the plan. The special thing about this 30*40 House Plan is that in you have been given space for two rooms, a large lobby, and parking as well as a shop.

30×40 House Plan: An Overview

If you are interested in doing business, then this can prove to be a better plan for you, in this 10.5 by 9.8 size shop you can do any type of business.

Since the shop is in your home, you will have a lot of comfort in managing the shop. As is being seen in today’s era, people are mostly thinking of doing their own business because it is better to do their own business than work under pressure from someone.

Understanding the 30*40 Plot

Let us now discuss the size area of the plot, For information, let us tell you that the size of this plot is 40 by 30, in which 40 feet long and 30 feet wide will be seen.

If the total dimensions of this plot are seen, then its size is 1,200 ft². In which a great house can be built.

Plot Size 18×20
Built up Area 360 ft²
Bed Room 1
Toilets 1
Kitchen 1
Lobby/Dining Area 1

To turn your dream home into reality, you will need many things that you hardly know, for this you will need to hire a knowledgeable architect.

Try to hire the best architect in your area, if you are not getting an architect, then you can also contact us. Along with designing plans, we also help people to turn their dream home into reality.

30×40 House Plan: Needs & Requirements

Because we understand your every need, we have taken special care of sunlight, ventilation, and privacy in this 30*40 House Plan.

Because in this article you only get to see a map of the ground floor, so it is difficult to predict where the location of sunlight and ventilation will be.

Soon we will also bring a 3D model of this 30 By 40 House Plan where you will be able to see from which place the sunlight is coming and where the location of ventilation is.

In designing this 40×30 floor plan, it has been our endeavor that the space we have got in the plot of 40 by 30 should be used properly so that not a single space is wasted.

30 by 40 House Plan: Room-by-Room Analysis

Because we understand your needs, and what you need, in this plan, we have tried to provide you with everything that you will need.

  • Bedrooms(2 No)
  • Kitchen –  (1 No)
  • Lobby/Dining Area(1 No)
  • Toilet(2 No)
  • Shop – (1 No)
  • Parking
  • Lawn
  • Open
  • Main Interest

In this 40×30 floor plan, you will get to see two rooms, whose size is as follows: 12.8 by 13.7 and 12.3 by 14.6, you can make either of these two your bedroom. Where you can live very comfortably with your family.

Apart from the room, in this plan, you will get to see a lobby of 13.5 by 15.1 where you will be able to stay with relatives and guests who come to your house and relax as well.

Because the size of the lobby is high, you can arrange sofas, tables, and TVs. With this, the guests who come to your house will also be entertained and you will also be able to spend some time with your family in this lobby area.

Apart from the lobby, this plan also has a kitchen 9.6 x 7.6 where you can cook the dish of your choice and feed the guests who come to your house.

Apart from the kitchen, the 40*30 floor plan also has two toilets, whose size is as follows: The size of the first toilet, which is seen between the course and the lawn, is 8.9 by 6.4 and the second toilet which is seen behind the bedroom is 7.6 by 4.5.

Apart from the toilet, this plan also has a 7.6 x 6 lawn where you can plant your favorite flower plants, and spend some precious time with your family.

Apart from the lawns, the plan also has a parking lot of 14.10 by 12.8 where you can park your vehicle and keep them safe. Because security is very important in today’s era, it is our endeavor to provide parking facilities in every house.

30×40 House Plan For 1200 sq ft

The special thing about this 30×40 House Plan is that the size of the lobby area given in it is larger than both rooms so you will be able to host many guests together.

30×40 House Plan
Ground Floor Plan



To know the total cost of building a house on the basis of this 30 by 40 house plan, you will have to consult your mechanic and architect, because the price of the material used in making the house is not the same.

We hope that you liked our 30*40 House Plan, share this plan with your friends as much as possible so that they can also get some benefit.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this plan, you can tell us by commenting below. Apart from this, if you want any kind of change in the plan, then you can tell us by commenting or you can also mail us directly.

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