20 By 30 House Plan With Car Parking | 2BHK House Plan

If you have recently purchased a plot of 20 by 30 and are in search of a 20 by 30 house plan to construct your dream house, but don’t know how to conceive a home, don’t worry.

Keeping your problem in mind, we have designed a great 20 By 30 House Plan, which you will like very much because we have covered almost every need of a family in this 20 x 30 house plan, which is very useful..

20 By 30 House Plan

We understand that in today’s inflationary era, buying large plots of land is challenging. Therefore, most people choose to live in rented houses to save money. However, one cannot live in someone else’s rented house forever. Eventually, one may wish to have their own home.

It does not matter whether the place is small or big, it matters how you use that place, and what kind of house you build on that plot. A wrong decision can ruin your home, which can waste both your time and money spent on building the house.

20*30 House Plan 2BHK

Therefore, you should try to do deep research before building a house and see if there is enough space for my family and me in this house and whether I and my family will be able to live comfortably in this house, whether all the things needed in the place are available, whether the house can be further constructed, Can the house be rented out?

Keeping in mind almost every need of a family, we have prepared this 20*30 house plan, which is very perfect for a plot of 20 by 30. Because in this 20 by 30 Indian house plan, we have tried to provide everything needed by a normal family.

20 x 30 House Plan: Ground Floor

Talking about the 20 by 30 house plan, let us tell you that the ground floor of the plan has rooms, places of worship, toilets, and open areas, whose size you can see in the plan.



After this, if you talk about the first floor, then the kitchen, room, and stairs have been provided on the first floor of this 20 by 30 house plan, whose size you can see in the plan.

On the other hand, if you talk about the second floor of this building, then let us tell you that stairs have been given to go to the room, store room, and roof, whose size you can see on the plan.

Apart from this, we have also designed the front elevation of the 20×30 house plan, which will give you an idea of how your building will look after construction.


Friends, I hope that you liked our 20 by 30 house plan, share this plan with your friends and family as much as possible, so that if they are also thinking of building a new building, then this article will be useful.

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