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If you have recently purchased a 40 by 55 plot and looking for a house plan to build a wonderful house on that plot, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we have designed the best modern 40×55 House Plan for your 40 by 50 plot which you and your family will love.

Keeping in mind the modern lifestyle, we have designed this 40 by 50 house plan. While designing this plan, we have paid attention to every detail, so that you and your family can live comfortably.

Plot Dimensions Of 40×55 House Plan

Talking about the 40×55 House Plan, you do not need any expert to see and understand this plan, any common person can read and understand this plan.

In the 40 by 55 house plan, you will get to see rooms, a toilet, a kitchen, and a guest room whose area is also sufficient. If you want any small change in the plan, then tell us by commenting below, and apart from this, you can also contact us to get the house plan of your choice designed.

Depending on the area of the plot, two families can live comfortably in this house. Because compartments like 4 rooms, 2 toilets have been provided in this house.

40×55 House Plan Key Specifications;

Plot Size40×55
Built up Area2200 ft²
Bed Room3
Dr Room1
Lobby/Dining Area1

If there are more family members, you can construct more rooms, kitchen, and toilet on top of this house and you can even build a second floor and take it on rent, which can also earn you some income.

But to get all this built, you will need a plan for which you will have to contact an architect and get a plan designed for the second floor.

28 04 2024
40×55 House Plan 3D Elevation

40×55 House Plan: Needs & Requirements

Keeping the plan in mind, when you start the construction of the house, you will have to keep in mind that all the work is done under the supervision of a good architect and good quality material is used.

Because the work of house construction cannot be done again and again, therefore try to ensure that the quality of the material is good so that the house lasts for years and can withstand all types of natural disasters.

People use cheap materials to save some money, due to which later they have to face many problems like dampness on the walls of the house and cracks appearing at various places in the house.

40*55 House Design Considerations

While designing this 40*55 house plan, we have paid a lot of attention to ventilation, sunlight and privacy so that the natural environment in the house is maintained.

Because we understand that after the house is built, it is very difficult to make any changes in it. Therefore, keeping all your needs in mind, we have designed this plan, you can see the 3D image of the plan in the article as well as its plan.


You will get to see almost all types of facilities in this modern 40 x 55 house plan, because while designing the plan, we have kept in mind almost every need of a common man.

In this excellent plan, you will get to see 4 big sized rooms whose size is 13.8 by 11.6, in these rooms you and your family will be able to live very comfortably. Also, if you have a joint family, then you can also live very comfortably in this house. Will be able to.

Because kitchen is also provided in this 40×55 house plan in which different types of dishes can be prepared at the same time. Also, there is a dining area in front of the kitchen where you can eat with your family. The size of the dining area is 13.3 by 8.6.

As soon as you come out of the dining area, you get to see a lobby area of 10.6 by 35.2. In this lobby area, you can spend quality time with your family, do some work, do some kind of activity and relax or even hold some kind of meeting.

Apart from the lobby area, in this plan you also get to see 3 toilets whose size is 8 by 4.9, the advantage of having 3 toilets is that you will not have to stand in line for your turn.

Apart from the toilet, if we talk about it, then in the plan you also get to see a 13.8 by 8 prayer room where you can remain connected to spirituality by doing puja.

40×55 House Plan In Details

Let’s now see room by room what else you will get to see in this 40×55House Plan.

  • Bedrooms –  (3 No)
  • Living Room –  (1 No)
  • Kitchen –  (1 No)
  • Lobby/Dining Area –  (1 No)
  • Toilet – (3 No)

It is also important to stay connected to spirituality because in today’s modern era, people do not have any time to go to the temple and worship. That’s why we have brought the temple inside the house. Apart from all this, many compartments have been given in the plan which you can see in the 40*55 house plan.

As soon as you come out of the prayer room, you will see that there is a 13.8 by 11 guest room nearby where the guests can stay and rest. In today’s modern era, guest rooms are found in almost all houses.

Because the size of this guest room is large, if more guests come to the house, then there will be no problem in their stay and complete arrangements for entertainment have also been made in the guest room. Facilities like TV, AC in the room have also been increased. May go.


Apart from this, if the size of the plot is big or small then you can check these plans 40 by 40 and 43 by 57. Also, if you want to get a plan of your choice designed then contact us.

I hope you liked our 40×55 House Plan very much, share this plan with your friends and family and definitely share it with those whose house construction work is currently going on or is about to start.

If you have any kind of question related to the plan or want any kind of change in the plan, then please let us know by commenting below, your comment will be replied as soon as possible.

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