17 by 40 Feet House Plan With Shop

This floor plan is designed for 17X40 feet plot, on which shop is shown in the front towards the road and exit is given on the right side of the shop and stairs are given to go to the first floor. . There is a door near the staircase to go to the living/dining hall, on which the sofa is lying on the front side and the dining table is lying on the back side, the kitchen is made on the left side of the table. There is a store behind the kitchen.

There is a 3.5 feet wide door leading from the dining hall to the bedroom, the bedroom is of 10X12 feet size. On which the bed is lying, there is a door to go from the bedroom to the toilet, which is 2.5 feet, the size of the toilet is 5′-10″ X6′-7″. An open has been given behind the toilet for ventilation of the toilet and for lighting in the room, the open will go through the bedroom, a 2.5 feet door is fitted to go into the open and a combined window is fitted in the door.

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