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Friends, once again, welcome to our new article 25 40 house plan. If you are also looking for a great plan for your 40*25 sqft plot, then you have come to the right website. On our website, you will get to see the plan according to every plot size.

40*25 sqft plot size is enough for a family to stay, such a luxurious house can be prepared by building a luxurious house. Because it is difficult to make frequent changes in the house, try to look for a house plan that covers everything you need.

40 BY 25 Ka Naksha

If you are having trouble looking for a 40*25 house plan, then do not worry, in this article, we have prepared an excellent 25×40 house design for you that will cover everything you need and you will also like this modern house design.

This is a 25×40 waste-facing plan which is very good from the point of view of Vastu and provides positive energy to all the members of the house. Due to this happiness and prosperity are obtained in life.

Let’s now talk about what you will get to see in this 25 by 40 house plan. The plan covers the lobby, drawing room, steers, bedroom, kitchen, store, and open area. If you want any changes to this plan, you can tell us in the comment.

We have also prepared a 3D model of this 25*40 house plan west facing, which you can see in the video below. It is based on a modern house design that looks luxurious and very attractive.

40*25 House Plan West Facing House Plan

40 By 25 Feet (2BHK) West Facing Floor Plan (1000 sqft)

About 25×40 House Design Layout

It is designed as a floor plan (2 BHK), which is built on a plot size of  40X25 feet. Car parking is not provided on this. The face of this plan was given to the west.

This plot has two rooms. Whose size is about 15 by 11 feet? Both of which are equal. It has a kitchen, a lobby in the middle, and a right-side toilet. The stair is given in the remaining space after the toilet.

40 By 25 Feet (2BHK) West Facing Floor Plan (1000 sqft)

25 by 40 House Plan Description

  • Lobby   –  22′-4.5″ X 11′-9″
  • Drawing Room  – 15′-2.5″ X 11′-4.5″
  • Stair – 7 feet wide
  • Bed Room – 15′-2.5″ X 11′-4.5″
  • Kitchen –  8′-0″ X 11′-9″
  • Store –  No store room
  • Open  – 6′-0″X 5

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