43×57 House Plan With Parking | 2 Brothers House Plan

If you have recently taken a 43 by 57 plot that is especially for two brothers and are searching for a 43×57 House Plan to build a building on it, then let us tell you that your research ends here, because we have designed a 43 By 57 House Plan keeping in mind your needs, which you will like very much.

In this modern era, people demand the best house, in which every facility is available.
Because this house is separate in which two families can live separately, so if you’re two brothers then you can live in this house very comfortably.

43×57 House Plan For Two Brothers

This is a future-proof house, if you want to make any changes in this house in the future, then you will be able to do it very easily.

43x57 House Plan
43×57 House Plan

By the way, almost all the needs have been covered in this 43×57 House Plan so you do not have any problem, but still, if you are not satisfied, then you can contact us and make changes to this plan.

Talking about the features offered in the 2 Brothers House Plan, let us tell you that in this 43*57 House Plan, you will get facilities from bedroom to parking. For more detailed information related to the plan and to know the dimensions of the plan, read the plan carefully and keep reading the article till the end.

House Plan For 2 Brothers

Now we are going to tell you in detail about the 43*57 House Plan because this plan is about two brothers, so whatever we are going to tell will be the same for both brothers.

Talking about the bedroom, let’s say that 3 rooms have been given in the plan, out of which we consider one as a primary bedroom and the other two as an extra room. However, you can choose the bedroom, according to it or you can also change it.

The size of the main bedroom is 12.8 by 11, the size of the second room is 11.4 by 15 and the size of the third room is 11.4 by 14.

2 Brothers House Plan

Along with the rooms, you will also get to see a storeroom of 5 x 11 in this plan where you can keep unused items in your house.

Apart from the store room, you will also get the best kitchen of 7 by 8 on this plan where you will be able to cook and eat very comfortably and because there is more space in the kitchen, you will be able to help you cook some more food with you.

Apart from the kitchen, you will also get to see a 9 by 6 veranda in the plan where you will be able to spend some time with your family.

Two Brothers House Design

Apart from this, you will also get an 8.3 by 8 lobby, whose size is almost the size of a room. Where you can keep many other attractive items like sofa sets to welcome your guests, because the 43×57 House Plan has more lobby space, so there is no need to panic when more guests come.

Apart from the lobby, you are also going to get a very beautiful loan of 16 by 5.7 in the plan where you will be able to spend quality time with your family, the area of the lobby makes this plan even better as we told you that this plan will prove to be a great 43 by 57 House Plan for you because we have designed the plan very carefully keeping in mind all the things needed. Therefore, you will not need to make any changes to this plan.

House Design For Two Brothers

  • Bedrooms 
  • Living Room 
  • Kitchen 
  • Lobby/Dining Area
  • Store 
  • Toilet 
  • Bath
  • WC 
  • Parking
  • Lawn
  • Open

Since this 43×57 House Plan is based on modern design, it has taken into account everything needed. Apart from the lobby, there is one more important thing that we have taken special care of, that is the toilet, yes, in this plan you will also get to see a 4 by 5 toilet which is placed next to the lawn on the edge of the house plan.

Apart from all this, you also get 9 x 14 parking spaces in the plan where you can keep your vehicle safe very comfortably.

The parking space is near the lawn, as soon as you enter from the main gate, you will reach the lawn and there will be your parking space in front.

Apart from parking, you will also get a 4.7 by 3 bathroom and LT where you will be able to do daily activities like bathing. You will also get an open CV of 9 x 8.7 in the LT bag.

Two Brothers House Elevation

43x57 House Plan
2 Brothers House Plan


Friends, let us tell you that we have worked very hard to design this 43*57 House Plan, so after seeing the plan, share it with your friends and family as much as possible so that we bring new house plans for you.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this 2 brothers house plan, then you can tell us by commenting below. Your comments will be replied to as soon as possible.

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